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Ten Tips for Buying Your Dream Sofa

HIGH POINT, N.C. Ė With spring just around the corner, have you started your spring cleaning and noticed that your old sofa is looking a bit tattered and worn? Did it take a beating during the long winter? A comfortable and cozy new sofa would not only freshen up your space, but could also give you a bright new outlook as we put those dreary winter months behind us.

Nowís the perfect time to shop for a new sofa. Many furniture dealers hold sales at this time of year, and what a great way to spend a late winter afternoon: browsing through furniture stores for the sofa of your dreams.

To help ensure youíre on the right track in searching for your dream sofa, the Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) offers the following guidelines:

  • Color will be the first element you respond to, so look for colors that express your personal style. If you donít find the cover youíre looking for on the frame you like, remember you can frequently special order. Youíll just have to wait longer for it.
  • When you find a style that appeals to you, try it out for comfort. And donít be shy. Sit on it. Lie down on it. Be sure it fits you and the way you live.
  • Bounce up and down on the cushions. Do they feel springy enough for you? Or do you prefer a firm seat? Make sure it feels right to you.
  • Wiggle the arms. Do they hold firm, indicating good workmanship?
  • Lift the frame. Does it feel heavy and sturdy?
  • Examine the fabric. Are the seams straight? Does the fabric line up properly? Does it feel pleasing to the touch?
  • Check the price. Quality sofas are available in all price ranges. Decide how much you want to spend. With so many good choices available today, thereís sure to be a style you love that will fit your budget.
  • Measure it. You donít want the sofa to overwhelm your room, but you also donít want it to be dwarfed by other pieces.
  • For fire safety reasons, look for the gold UFAC tag, indicating that the sofa manufacturer certifies it is made in accordance with UFAC methods designed to reduce the likelihood of upholstered furniture fires from smoldring cigarettes.
  • After youíve done all your checks, the most important thing is to follow your heart. If you love it, then itís right for you. And remember to enjoy yourself. Shopping for furniture can be easy and fun.


The American Home Furnishings Alliance is headquartered in High Point, N.C. Ė the furniture capital of the world Ė and represents more than 200 leading U.S. furniture manufacturers and an additional 250 suppliers to the industry.