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The Upholstered Furniture Action Council's Honor Roll of Furniture Retailers

UFAC is an all-industry program that has the goal of reducing the likelihood of furniture fires from cigarettes. This listing has been prepared to show consumers, who are considering purchasing upholstered furniture, the stores in their area that have pledged to support the UFAC program. These stores will have furniture bearing the gold, trilingual UFAC hangtag indicating that it is constructed to a criteria that makes the furniture "safer" for the consumer than furniture not made to this criteria. Over the past 20 years there has been a 79.3% decline in the number of upholstered furniture fires from cigarette ignition. Protect your family. Look for and read the UFAC hangtag when buying upholstered furniture.

The companies listed here represent stores throughout the United States. National chain retailers with stores in many states are listed first. Many of the retailers listed by state are regional and have stores in several states: The company's corporate location is listed. For these stores, you might want to check first in your state, then in neighboring states. For more specific addresses we have noted the web site of many companies.