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In 1970, federal government agencies proposed mandatory safety standards to reduce the potential fire hazards posed by the cigarette ignition of mattresses, carpeting and upholstered furniture. Mandatory standards were imposed for mattresses and carpeting.

When the Consumer Product Safety Commission, (CPSC) began looking at upholstered furniture, UFAC was formed to allow upholstered furniture manufacturers the opportunity to work with CPSC in a meaningful way to design safety standards which are effective, cost effective and workable from a manufacturing standpoint.

The only logical course of action for the furniture industry was to create a voluntary program that would develop a better safety record for the industry, at a lower cost, than the proposed government regulations.

  • Join the UFAC Honor Roll of Manufacturers (Pledge Form)
    By fully understanding the UFAC program, committing to buying furniture made to the UFAC criteria and signing the UFAC pledge, you will be playing your part in this all-industry effort to help save lives and maintain price and fabric availability.

  • Honor Roll of Manufacturers
    Companies that produce furniture using the UFAC criteria.

  • Honor Roll of Retailers
    Companies that sell furniture using the UFAC criteria.

  • Order UFAC Hangtags
    Now in English, French and Spanish, these informative hangtags, when left on sofas and chairs will help the customers identify more cigarette-resistant upholstered furniture and will let the CPSC know that you are participating. UFAC has prepared a poster for use in warehouses that reminds those working there to leave the tags on the upholstery.