[ Upholstered Furniture Action Council ]

Manufacturers Pledge of Support of the UFAC Voluntary Action Program


I hereby commit that after this date, our upholstery production will be constructed in accordance with UFAC criteria and each piece will be identified by a UFAC hangtag.

Our total volume of complying upholstery production (in millions) is:

_____ Up to 2 _____ 10 20 _____ 100 200
_____ 2 5 _____ 20 50 _____ 200 500
_____ 5 10 _____ 50 100 _____ 500 or more

(This information is confidential. It will be seen only by association personnel, who will consolidate the information before making it public to the CPSC and the industry in general.)


Signature of President (Print Name) Telephone



City, State, Zip    

Person responsible for UFAC compliance Title Telephone

Please print this form and mail or fax to: Upholstered Furniture Action Council, Box 2436, High Point, NC 27261 Phone: 336/885-5065 Fax: 336/885-5072.

Also, in the future, please notify UFAC of changes in corporate structure, company address or positions of responsibility.