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I pledge that this firm will support the UFAC voluntary industry program by marketing UFAC compliant upholstered furniture. Additionally, this company will urge its upholstered furniture suppliers to continue to manufacture to current UFAC construction criteria.

This company will inform our sales personnel of the value added benefits that UFAC construction criteria provides our customers.

This company will leave the identifying trilingual gold UFAC hang tag on the upholstered furniture in our stores, or if it is against the firm's tagging policy, the firm will have tags available in the store's office if any consumer requests to see the UFAC tag.

Name of Company :
No of Stores :
Address :
City/State/Zip :
Phone/Extension :
Fax Number :
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Please print this form and mail or fax to:

Upholstered Furniture Action Council
Box 2436, High Point, NC 27261
Phone: 336/885-5065 Fax: 336/885-5072.

Also, in the future, please notify UFAC of changes in corporate structure, company address or positions of responsibility.